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Sophia Kahlenberg




Sophia is a photographer, turned psychology graduate, working as a UX Designer these days. Photographing people and interviewing musicians xxxxx.

Her care for people and intrigue by what makes us us and why we behave the way we do is what links all of her work. Trusting setting that allows the portraitierten to let go of protective shields and allows to be seen. Empathic approach for interviewees to explore perspectives. 

Living in Bristol, UK.


phone: +44 7561040622

UX portfolio: sophiakahlenberg/ux (please get in touch for the web password)

Interview partnersAdam Green, Alela Diane, Alice Phoebe Lou, Allah-Las, Angus Stone, Aurora, Birdy, Charlie Cunningham, Chet Faker, Coco Rosie, Didirri, Django Django, Dope Lemon, Grandbrothers, Hollow Coves, First Aid Kit, Freya Ridings, Indigo Sparke, Jacob Banks, Julia Stone, Kllo, Laurel, Lykke Li, Mando Diao, Maggie Rogers, Maple Glider, Marlon Williams, Mine, Nadia Reid, Ocie Elliott, Philipp Poisel, Ry X, Shame, Villagers, Woodkid, Xavier Rudd, Young Fathers

Publications & Clients: Blonde Magazine, Boys by Girls, Cake Magazine, Contributor Magazine, Design Scene, Elite London, Erik Yvon, Fucking Young, Fashion Journal, Hunger Magazine, Iconic Management, IMG Models, Kaltblut, Nevs Models,, Schoen Magazin, Shibui Melbourne, The Ones 2 Watch,, Whitelies Magazine, WIN Creating Images, Zashadu ...

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